Privacy policies

The privacy policies of Ciencias Básicas are aimed at better communication with our visitors, for this reason, we collect data in different ways.

Therefore, users accept and recognize said personal data through cookies and contact forms, to have better fluidity and communication with visitors.


Ciencias Básicas is a site that uses cookies to have a better user experience in order to streamline the data stored without the need for the user to re-enter their data again. This is valid for a registration, information or comments you may make on our website called Ciencias Básicas.

Please note that cookies are not worms or viruses that can damage your computer or steal your privacy. Cookies cannot alter or erase the data of a visitor’s browser on our website called Basic Sciences.

Cookies are files that we send to the visitor’s computer from our website, this helps us to recognize that they are a unique user and differentiated from the rest in order to improve the user experience, as mentioned above. See our cookie policy.

Google analytics

Google Analytics helps us with traffic activity, read statistics according to the interaction of the content of our website, and improve our service for more demanding visitors.

These practices include type of browser, type of operating system, type of operator or internet provider that is being used as well as the equipment or terminal where the content is being viewed, as well as country and city, this information is used only to analyze analytics. traffic, improve our site and make a good impression on our visitors. For more information, read the privacy policies of Google Analytics

Web analytics

We also use tracking technologies such as IP, this helps us know the activity of visitors and the comfort of our Ciencias Básicas website. It also helps to identify unwanted users, hackers, viruses, malicious bots, among others

All this to improve our site and give a very good impression of our quality and service on our Basic Sciences website.

User protection

All personal information such as IP and all user activity is confidentially protected by Ciencias Básicas. We use powerful tools and an SSL security certificate to guarantee any theft or theft of the database of sensitive information that the visitor provides by whatever means, such as registration, subscription, etc.

Nor do we share confidential information with third parties, we reserve the information and also the destruction of them if the visitor so wishes and they will never know more about us.

Updating of our policies

At any time and without prior notice, Ciencias Básicas may change the privacy policies to improve the user experience. These changes are due to the demand and activity of our visitors with our Basic Sciences website.

Subscription policies.

The data collected in a landing page subscription serves to have better communication and inform you of the news and trends in our sector. Therefore, you accept with your consent a series of emails that will be sent to you periodically, you have every right to modify or cancel the preferences of these emails.

Reference third party URL

We use help URLs as topic references that are related to our content. Keep in mind that when you are redirected to one of these URLs, Ciencias Básicas has no relationship or is responsible for the policies and privacy of these sites other than and subpages, because they are sites that are beyond the scope of our possibilities unless an exception is specified, that is, a web page that is the owner of Basic Sciences or the owner of the site.

We are not responsible

We are not responsible for the damages and losses of the theft of public content, such as comments or publications of our subscribers on our Basic Sciences website.

Control of your personal information

You can unsubscribe at any time and delete stored information from our cookies. Basic Sciences will not carry out a malicious act that could harm your privacy, such as selling private personal information that is sensitive to you, nor will it transfer or distribute personal information of the user that was collected with your consent, such as names and emails.