que es la bicondicional lógica

In this entry we will deal with an important logical connective, we refer to the biconditional, this has a property where its statements that form it depend on each other, for example, a biconditional statement of A and B is when “A is condition of B” and “B is condition of A” or also “if A then B” and “if B then A”, it is also known as double implication.


In this post, we will discuss a very delicate topic, and this is, the logical conditional, also called material conditional or simply conditional and that has a weak property for mathematical proofs, for that reason we are also going to introduce a new stricter conditional and this is the implication and the differences between these two.


In this new post, we will discuss the disjunctive connective, there are two types, these are, the inclusive disjunction and the exclusive disjunction. The reason for the existence of these two types of disjunctives is because there are cases where two arguments cannot be simultaneously true, however, there are cases where it is possible for two statements to be true at the same time.

What is the logical conjunction

The 👉 logical conjunction is a logical connective that joins two statements, and it is true if two of them are true, otherwise, it is false.

What is logical negation?

logical negation in mathematics is an operator that changes the truth value of a statement from true to false or vice versa.

mathematical statements and truth values

A mathematical statement, also called a proposition, is a declarative sentence that can be true or false, but not both at the same time.